Our team

The office

A team of 3 people is at the Dispensaire Français every day from Monday to Friday, running the medical and health clinics, advising and helping people in need and running the daily operations of the Dispensaire :

  • Jérôme Walczak-Capèle – Director
  • Anne Castellani – Healthcare Assistant
  • Fanny Dulin – Receptionist and Administrative Manager

The medical team

General practitioners and specialists, both French and English, work on a voluntary basis according to availability.

General practitioners

  • Dr Zoe Bellamy MD, general practitioner
  • Dr Odile de Mesmay, MD, general practitioner
  • Dr Laura Munoz MD, general practitioner
  • Dr Hélène Nguyen MD, general practitioner

Specialists Physicians


  • Dr Isabelle Roussin, cardiologist


  • Dr Sophie Bouvresse, dermatologist


  • Dr Victoire de Castelbajac, Medical Chambers


  • Mr Hamid Daya, BSc MBChB FRCS, consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, St George’s Hospital


  • Dr Sophie Batut, paediatrician
  • Dr Sophie Flammarion, paediatrician


  • Dr Caroline Pontvert, psychiatrist


  • Anne Castellani, Health Care assistant
  • Nutrition
  • Huguette Lelong, nutritionnist
  • Nathalie Vauterin, nutritionist


  • Mr Romain Luquet, physiotherapist, osteopath MCSP
  • Ms Céline Wolff, osteopath


  • Alex Barmpas, physiotherapist
  • Christine Julien-Laferriere, physiotherapist
  • Benjamin Perfetti, physiotherapist
  • Pascal Rodriguez, physiotherapist


  • Ms Vanessa Berdugo, psychologist
  • Ms Anne Bizot-Burgess, accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and British Psychoanalytical council. Couple Therapist, trained at Tavistock Centre for couple Relationships
  • Ms Cindy Caraguel, psychologist
  • Ms Laura Chamouard, psychologist
  • Ms Corine de Hemptine, psychologist
  • Ms Nathalie Dubreuil, MBPsS, psychologist 
  • Ms Fanny Gapenne, psychologist
  • Ms Beatrice Granger, psychologist
  • Ms Camille Lheureux, psychologist
  • Dr Julien Quertainmont, psychologist
  • Dr Salima Schreiter, psychologist, GMBPsS
  • Ms Mathilde Trosdorf, psychologist, researcher


  • Ms Malika Van Grutten, DE


  • Ms Vahiria Janbon, child psychotherapist – MBACP

Speech therapy

  • Ms Anna Lalot, speech therapist
  • Ms Pauline Yvelin, speech therapist

CQC consultant

  • Martha Walker, CQCConsultancy

The social team

Club and visits team

  • Laura Baker
  • Fleur Bérard
  • Blandine Charteris (in charge of Social Committee)
  • Elisabeth Chermette (in charge of Club Senior)
  • Claire Collombin
  • Florence Cousyn
  • Véronique De Gennes
  • Eléonore de Lubersac
  • Christine Julien-Laferrière
  • Kim Gudenus
  • Gabrielle Monville
  • Sybille Pignal
  • Egidia Poloni
  • Cécile Rochdi
  • Astrid Topiol

The trustees

A team of 15 Trustees guides the direction and governance of the Dispensaire Français – Société Française de Bienfaisance :

  • A Team of 15 Trustees guide the Dispensaire Français – Société Française de Bienfaisance’s activity :

    • Olivier Nicolay – Former President de Chanel – UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil –President of Dispensaire Français-Société Française de Bienfaisance
    • Cécile d’Angelin – Institut Montaigne Londres
    • Elisabeth Chermette – Orthodontist – Senior Club Manager
    • Dr Salima Schreiter – Psychologist, GMBPsS
    • Catherine Palmer – Sollicitor
    • Blandine Charteris – Manager of Dispensaire Français-Société Française de Bienfaisance de 2004 à 2016
    • Laurent Debacker – Broker marchés financiers
    • Fiora Giorgini Mallevays – Corporate Banking, ex HSBC
    • Julie Lamirel – Manager Fund
    • Dr Laura Munoz – GP, HCA City – Medical Director
    • Dr Odile Lhopitallier – Médecin généraliste – Phone Screening
    • Odile Lombard Mourre – Risk Analyst
    • Elisabeth Maxwell –  Mazars LLP
    • David Stockley – Ex PDG, EMI International
    • Brigitte Williams – Former Director , Derek Williams Film Editor Ltd
    • ADVISOR : Samer Melki – French Consulate in United Kingdom