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For more than 150 years, le Dispensaire Français- Société Française de Bienfaisance has been a registered charity whose actions are possible thanks to the donations of individuals, companies, other charities, a grant from the French government and the income from its portfolio.

Company Limited by Guarantee no 6470940 / Registered Charity no 1125579

Work with us by becoming a sponsor

Your company can work with us by becoming a sponsor of the Dispensaire.

Would you like your company to engage in a social commitment and work alongside the Dispensaire? By becoming a partner, you share our values of solidarity and mutual assistance. These meaningful values are also shared with your personnel, your investors and your clients.

You team up with a strong partner, present for decades alongside French and French speakers in the UK and share our successes.

Depending on the amount of your donation, we can:

  • Give a room in the Dispensaire your name or the name of your company
  • Display your companies’ name on a board at the Dispensaire.
  • Mention your company on the website of the Dispensaire Français – Société Française de Bienfaisance and during our events.

All corporate donations are tax deductible. Donations from individuals are part of the Gift Aid scheme and eligible to Payroll Giving Schemes such as Give as You Earn (GAYE).

How to become a partner ?

To become a partner, contact Magali Chabrelie, Manager of the Dispensaire : by email  or telephone 020 8222 8822.



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