The French Clinic & The French Benevolent Society, One Single Charity

LONDON, 26th NOVEMBER 2014: On 3rd June, the Trustees of the French Clinic and of the French Benevolent Society voted to merge those two charities. They are now a single, stronger entity.

The merger will benefit not only the new organisation thanks to the pooling of resources and know- how, but also and more importantly it will benefit the French speaking community suffering from illness, isolation or financial hardship in London.

Historically the French Benevolent Society and the French Clinic had a lot in common.
They were founded in London approximately at the same time, 1842 and 1879 respectively and were both created by French people.

The mission of the French Benevolent Society & the French Clinic remains the same: serving the French community in hardship in London.

Many vulnerable French speaking people in hardship on British soil

Many French speaking people in London face a combination of difficulties such as an inability to speak the language, no understanding of the healthcare system, lack of money, isolation, and in some cases the added worry of illegal status which can be a problem for the GP registration. For some, age can lead to loneliness and solitude.

 2014 keys figures:

• Over 150 years of presence in London
• Around 2 500 consultations and
10 000 telephone calls100_0108 (reduced)
• 45 people with financial support
• 3 full-time employees
• 42 volunteers healthcare professional
• 12 volunteers involved in social activities
• 19 trustees supervise the work of the organisation
Two major activities to support patients and beneficiaries

The new DF-SFB, led by Mrs Blandine Charteris, provides information and advice to patients and beneficiaries as well as:

♦ A medical support

42 Health professionals, French and British, give their services free of charge, seeing around 2500 patients/year.

The DF-SFB is opened 5 days/week from Monday to Friday and consultations are available in: General Medicine, Cardiology, Gynaecology, ENT, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Dietetics and Psychomotricity.

♦ A social support

A team of volunteers work with French speaking people in difficulty. They give advice and/or financial help to young people facing temporary hardship due to lack of money and accommodation.

They provide support for older people by organising home visits, a DF-SFB Club whose main purpose is to create social link thanks to a monthly meeting for coffee and chat, outings, and also individual IT teaching.

100_0076 (reduced)• First point of contact for French and French speaking individuals about NHS « National Health Service »
• A UK registered Charity n1125579
• Central location in London, easily accessible by tube and bus


The DF-SFB is a registered Charity, no 1125579 providing medico-social support to the French speaking community living in the United Kingdom.

President: Mrs Laurence Colchester

184 Hammersmith Road London W6 7DJ – Contact: 020 82228822

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