The DF-SFB Club

All living in London, these women respectively used to be a heroine of the Resistance, Yves St Laurent’s favourite model, Maria Callas’s confidant, a globetrotter before the developing of the tourism era, a lecturer at the French Alliance.

Just like “teens” within their social networks, they are twenty to meet monthly at the DF-SFB Club to share all the memories accumulated over the decades.

These women, witnesses of significant events in history that we only get to know through books and that they have actually lived, getting together:

  • Anne, an actress directed by Marc Allégret and Roger Vadim, along with actors such as Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot and many others – she is easily recognisable in her role as the pretty secretary of the famous “En Effeuillant la Marguerite (Plucking the Daisy)”
  • Carole, a model for the Dior House and Hardy Amies, the Crown of England’s fashion designer who raised effervescence during fashion shows before the Queen Mother, Russian and Australian audiences
  • Annie, befriended with Maria Callas, is able to make you vibrate to the rhythm of the joys and sufferings of the famous singer
  • Some, such as Lucienne have overcome traumatic experiences of which they bear the scars with dignity
  • Others suffer in silence unbearable and sometimes debilitating physical pain. They have courage, nerve sometimes and humor always! They try to adapt to new technologies and new modes of communication to integrate into the twenty-first century society that focuses on efficiency sometimes just abandoning those who do not recycle fast enough
  • Renée remembers the first bombing of the phoney war when she was only 10 years old, suitcases were packed hastily to flee on wheelbarrows without having any time to be afraid, she remembers the smugglers, the “Marshal Pétain’s Speech” book rewarded to good students, this German soldier who would pray for peace
  • Nicole, got drunk with freedom during her travels, but her independence gradually transformed itself into a real prison, that of isolation and loneliness. Today she feels fragile and talks about the pleasure of meeting others, of simply sharing sometimes old forgotten recipes: The ‘Petit Jesus’ bread or Michele’s ‘Tournaisienne’ salad with 20 ingredients!