“Nothing is worse than not having a chance to try … They welcomed me with kindness, and have never doubted my sincerity. Thanks to them, I was able to get back the self-confidence I had lost untill then”

Angélique, 26 years old

Angélique was forced to live on the streets three days after her arrival in London. Unable to speak English and without any money, the dream turned into a nightmare. The one-off aid offered by the DF-SFB subsequently made it possible for her to find housing and regain self-confidence although she was homeless and jobless. Today she lives in south London and teaches comic book courses in a French school and gives private drawing lessons.

“I have the privilege to attend the DF-SFB club, every first Thursday of the month. I meet a diverse group of ages and personalities. We are very spoiled with many entertainments: theatrical performances, French films etc. I look forward to the next meeting and I am very grateful”

Renee, 85 years old

A single mom, abandoned by her husband and who did not speak English calls the DF-SFB at a time of great distress because her teenage son’s behaviour has changed drastically and he is refusing to go to school. She is very worried and doesn’t know who to turn to. They have both been receiving medical care from a child psychiatrist for several weeks. The situation is getting better and the boy has gone back to school.

“Listen, talk, … and share views or precious moments with mostly elderly, full of memories, but suffering from loneliness, and build genuine friendships with them. Yet altogether, one receives far more than what is initially given!”

Clarisse, a DF-SFB volunteer

The dispensary receives a call from a young pregnant girl who would like to have an abortion and is not registered with a local GP. This results in a long conversation on the phone followed by the search for a family planning centre that could take care of her.

“I found myself unemployed when the restaurant I’d been working for for 2 years closed and soon after I got mugged and all my stuff and money were stolen. The DF-SFB offered me a phone and a home accommodation for 3 weeks and thanks to this help I was able to find a job and a roof over my head.”

Francis, 42 years old