Our Actions

The DF-SFB’s mission includes the fight against isolation and loneliness for elderly people, and  support for French or French speaking people in difficult situations in the UK ..

Home visits to maintain a social link

A team of volunteers visits seniors citizens living alone, isolated, or unable to move and happy to have company. By accompanying these people, volunteers create an emotional bond, a relationship of trust, a reference point of time and an opening to the outside world.

The DF-SFB club

Every first Thursday of the month DF-SFB club members, mostly retirees, and volunteers meet over a cup of coffee and share activities, talk about topics decided on a common basis where everyone speaks freely and enjoys the pleasure of being together! Sometimes, professionals come and share their expertise by giving advice on subjects related to diets or wellness…

Each year a huge Christmas lunch is organised by the DF-SFB club and brings together forty participants, very happy to spend such a moment of conviviality in good company.

The Thursday outings

Every third Thursday of the month, we organise outings: visits to museums, concerts or just walking together in a new neighbourhood of London and having a nice cup of tea or coffee together. The outings are open to all; however, there may be challenges for those with physical disabilities. Club guests will receive a personal invitation to join in.

French qualified social worker support

A new volunteer, Pauline Raffalli (French qualified social worker) is available at the Dispensaire every other Thursday afternoon. Pauline will be on hand to give information on French social services and benefits.

To book an appointment call 020 8222 8822

Financial support for people in precarious situations

The DF-SFB welcomes young people in difficult situations, listens, advises and if necessary gives financial assistance to help them pay for a hostel for a few days while they wait for a first salary. If the young person wants to return to France, the DF-SFB can also help pay for the return ticket.

The DF-SFB also supports older people on low pensions by granting them financial help on a monthly basis or sometimes an exceptional aid to help them purchase first necessity items such as household equipment for example, etc.

IT support

A custom IT support is also offered as well as an assistance for administrative procedures.

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