About Us

As a Non-Profit Organization approved and managed under the status of the “Charities Act 1960” (Registered Charity No. 1125579), the DF-SFB aims to help with the appropriate medical and/or social support, the French and French speaking people in need in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, for some French or French-speaking individuals, difficulties in London can add up, starting with the language, lack of understanding of the NHS system, low income or below the poverty line, an irregular situation which does not allow them to be registered with a general practitioner (GP) or loneliness due to remoteness.

The DF-SFB develops solidarity actions to support these individuals in a precarious situation, regardless of their age:

  • Volunteering health professionals (GPs, specialists, paramedics and nurses practicing in French) promote the access to care for all
  • A source of initial information on the British health system facilitates the integrating of the ‘National Health Service’
  • A team of volunteers receives young people that are temporarily without any money and without roof and creates social ties with isolated people
  • Modern premises in central London are easily accessible by bus and with the Underground


The DF-SFB figures:

  • More than 150 years working alongside with the French and French speaking population London
  • More than 2,500 people helped every year (consultations, social and financial support)
  • 45 people helped financially on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • 3 full-time employees
  • 42 volunteer health professionals
  • 12 volunteers involved in social activities
  • 20 trustees guiding the activity of the organization